Keeping Your Business Moving Since 1989

Since 1989, Green Technical Services has been helping our clients maintain, repair and service their paint shakers, paint tinters, belted checkouts, electric carts, cart pushers, pneumatic air tune systems, racks, carousels, carpet cutters, waste oil tanks, and so much more.

But we are much more than dates and equipment. What we are really about is keeping your business moving by making the sure the machines you rely on work and keep working without fail. That’s why we extensively train all of our technicians and equip their vans with all the most common replacement parts. Our goal is to have you up and running in one visit, so you can get back to your business.

5 Reasons Green Technical Services Is a Better Choice

We realize that you have many options when it comes to maintaining, repairing, and servicing your commercial equipments. But, we believe that GTS is the best option for five distinct reasons.

  1. All of our technicians receive continual, extensive training
    This include manufacturing certification classes, web-based training, safety training, and on-the-job training. Then they are re-certified every 2 years. For example, our technicians receive 40 hours of training just from Fluid Management to make sure they fix your paint equipment, calibrate the tinters, and service it correctly the first time.
  1. Our process is fully automated for better, quicker service
    All GTS technicians are equipped with smart phones and laptops to keep them in constant contact with the home office for real time updating. Plus, they have access to virtually every spec they need to repair your machine quickly.
  1. Green Technical Services is experienced and ready when you are
    Not only do the technicians of Green Technical Services have years of experience under their belts, but they also have been with GTS an average of 7 years. They get to know and understand their customers and their businesses. Plus, our call center triages issues with customers before a service call is even dispatched, helping clients solve problems over the phone and cutting their expenses. And of course, we have an after-hours emergency phone number to handle any repairs that just can’t wait for normal business hours.
  1. GTS service vans are stocked like mini warehouses
    It’s one thing to be able to diagnose a problem, but it’s another to fix it on the spot. All our technician’s vans are stocked with all the most common replacement parts to repair your equipment the first time we arrive.
  1. A 18-state service area covered by 36 technicians
    Green Technical Services covers a 18-state area including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, The District of Columbia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.